Magic Sleek Acai Buriti Maracuja Oil


Prevents damage to hair from use of hot tools, speeds up styling time, adds & locks moisture into the hair. Strengthens cells against breakage, creating a protective barrier around the hair.
Works to maintain frizzy hair. Adds life and shine to dry, damaged and lackluster hair. Helps to repair and strengthen split ends.
The oil of Açaí is obtained through cold pressing the Açaí berry so that the oil retains its potency. The Açaí berry was used by Amazonian tribes as a way of cleansing the body of toxins. Benefits of Açaí: Deposits rich, fatty acids that help to enhance shine and add life to hair. Açaí berries contain vitamin A and E that help protect against environmental damage. Açaí lessens exposure to chemicals and toxins by creating a protective barrier for your hair,
Brazil is home to the tree that originated the passion fruit, also known as Maracuja. The oil that comes from the passion fruit has several benefits, and has been used to hydrate and nourish hair and skin. Benefits of Maracuja: Adds and locks in moisture to the hair. Helps to prevent the formation of dandruff, in addition to promoting strength and growth. Hydrates hair, enhancing shine.
The oil of Buriti keeps hair moisturized and shiny through its naturally hydrating and conditioning properties. Benefits include: Strengthens hair cells to reduce breakage and split ends, resulting in enhanced natural shine. Oil protects the skin from harmful UV ray damage, it also protects the hair from heat styling. Buriti oil helps prevent split ends and detangles coarse and curly hair when applied on its own to wet hair.

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